strona do druku

September 18, 2008

They found Him in the Temple

     We are used to the saints with long grey beards, to desiccated old women, to hermits, to monks and nuns.
     And all of a sudden a boy appeared.  And during his short life he shone with his love of God and his neighbor.  But he was not a pious bigot, not at all.  When there was no other way out, he ran from Vienna to Dillingen in Germany to join a monastery.  When he was not successful there, he wandered off to Rome.  He died as a seminarist, surrounded by an aura of sainthood. 
     When it comes to boldness of thought, determination, and carrying his inspirations and his calling into effect, he was an example for all of us.  May he be an example especially for our youth. 

                                                                                              Fr. M. M.