strona do druku

December 25, 2008

They found the baby

     First, the letters came - with wishes - some even extensive – the entire page, or page and a half.  Also very warm.  Then the cards.  Also the short ones, containing just signatures, with the rest already printed.  Then the e-mails came and hurried text messages – short, abrupt, meaningful although laconic.  At the end – phone calls – from the road, from the car, from an empty or full apartment.  And finally – the most joyful wishes – accompanied by a handshake and words: “All the best.  May God bless you.  Wishing you health, good luck, Happy Year; without worries, without sorrows.” 
     These are your angels, who tell you that they love you.  Even if it is once a year, on the run, for a moment.  These are your angels, who inform you that they remember and they promise:  “we will meet again, we will see each other.  One day we will be able to talk unhurriedly.”
     Become such an angel – write letters, send cards, text messages, e-mails, and finally call, or say face to face that you love, that you wish all the best.  Be this angel who suggests: “We will talk one day, we will sit at the table, drink coffee.  We will walk through life hand in hand, helping each other.”
     We’ve been united by newborn Jesus, who is God’s Word, who lies in the manger and extends His hands to you.  This is your Angel, the most important of angels – who tells you that He loves you, that He wishes you all the best, not fleetingly, not just for a holiday, but permanently, day in day out.

                                                                                                 Fr. M. M.