strona do druku

November 11, 2008

I give you my peace

     We are going off into the future.
     But we still turn around, for there is a red glow stretched on the horizon.  Is this a sunset?  Aren’t these by chance fires of war?  We turn around because there’s a rumbling of thunder.  Is this a sound of a thunderstorm, or is it artillery bombing our cities and villages?  We turn around for we can hear the seagulls’ cries and it seems to us that these are screams of children whose mothers and fathers are being shot by enemy’s firing squad.


I will come to you

     We are going off into the future promising gratitude to our heroes.  We are masters in our home now.  We are aware that nobody is going to do things for us, that we have to build our Polish present and future with our own hands.
     But this is our great joy – to be a master, not a slave, a host, not a servant.  To be in our own home, without complexes, without grudges.  To keep the house, to build our Polish reality, remembering everyone who lives in our Polish house, so nobody goes hungry, so everyone has a roof over his or her head, so everyone is treated with respect.