strona do druku

October 13, 2008

There’s more to it than Jonah

     Artists have more joy in their lives because they can be enchanted by things, which others pass indifferently.  Artists suffer more because they are moved by harm, which other people pass by indifferently.  And they can express it by various means, which they utilize – painting, poetry, sculpture, music or architecture.
     Jesus was an artist.  It means that He was sensitive to beauty, goodness, wisdom, nobleness, holiness, but at the same time sensitive to stupidity and evil of this world.  He could enjoy children, birds, sunshine, rain, and flowers.  But He also suffered more than an ordinary person at the sight of the paralyzed, the lepers, the blind, the deaf, the poor and the hungry.
     And he could express this view of the world with His words, but also with His life.

                                                                                                 Fr. M. M.