strona do druku

October 5, 2008
27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

He will destroy the wretched ones

     A stupid nation will perish.  For a nation lives through its culture; and a culture consists of education, art and customs.
     We are embarrassed by some of our representatives and senators, because they behave like simpletons.  We are embarrasses by the level of their discussions, their babble, twaddle and arguments.  We are embarrassed that they all yell at the same time.  This is disgrace, not only for them, but also for our nation.  For they should be the representatives of our nation.  Actually, maybe they are.

                                                                                          Fr. M. M.


His fruit

     The front pages of our newspapers usually show in bold print the crimes, the murders, rapes, offences, thefts, and corruption, and the achievements of our scientists are mentioned somewhere within.
     But the value of a nation is measured by respect with which common people treat their scholars.
     And that’s why at the beginning of the academic year, we have to pray for people who work in research and educate students, and pray for students that they hold on to their dignity, that they understand why they came to the university, what their expectations and aspirations are.

                                                                                              Fr. M. M.