strona do druku

February 20, 2009

Let him follow me

     We don’t want a cross.  We don’t even want to mention a cross.  We want to be happy, joyful.  We want to go through life easily, without problems, without trouble, without stress; without suffering.  Better yet - without death.
     We have to admit though that human race is troubled by more and more stress, complexes, setbacks, and emotional disorders.  There are more and more people who are mentally ill, depressed, disappointed, lost; people who have written themselves off, who cannot find their place in the society.  But we hide this, we don’t want to know about it, we don’t want it announced, written about, we don’t want these people to be shown.
     And Jesus says: everyone has his or her cross.  One has to accept it and carry it.


Your cross

     We envy other people, for things are easier for them than they are for us.  They are better off; they do not have problems or worries like we do.
     Don’t envy other people.  For you may be very much mistaken.