strona do druku

March 29, 2009
5th Sunday of LENT


     It is not difficult – to believe in God.  But to believe in God who has created us for an eternal life, for an eternal happiness, for heaven – that exceeds the capabilities of our comprehension. 
     For what is that eternal happiness; some kind of a reward? For what?
     One has to say that the expression “for what?” is inappropriate when one talks about love.  Love is not “for something”.  Love simply is.
     God loves us with infinite love.  And he has bestowed on us the gift of resurrection.  In the moment of death we will rise to a new life.
     Easter holydays remind us about it, so that we could familiarize ourselves with heaven that is awaiting us, so that we come to believe in it.

                                                                                            Fr. M. M.