strona do druku

May 9, 2009

I will fulfill it

     4th of June is approaching – an anniversary of the first almost free elections in Poland.  And the row continues – to whom we owe this overturn which happened in our country.  One hears shouting from various directions:  It was me.  It was me!  It was me!  Not you!
     And in reality it was the Polish nation who won.  It carried these people on its back.  They felt the pressure and nation’s demand for freedom, for self-determination and for independent existence.  So that Poland could be Poland.  It was the 5 minutes of our nation’s glory in the history of the world, in the history of Europe.  We did great – we, as the entire nation.
     What is wonderful in this event is the fact that we did not count on any outside help.  It was exclusively Polish action.  The world watched – stunned – in awe, but also feeling helpless.
     It is even more amazing because following the period of partitions, war of 1939 and Nazi occupation, and Soviet occupation after 1945, we should have been used to being led by a collar.
     But our nation finally said:  Enough of humiliation, of being led by a collar, enough of ill-treatment of our national dignity.  We want independence.