strona do druku

June 14, 2009

He spoke in parables

     Parable is situated somewhere between poetry and music, between fairy tale and theatre, between a legend and an anecdote, between literature and song, metaphor and analogy, simile and allegory.  It is not literal.  Only information, only science is literal.  Parable is art.
     Every person is a creature who, on one hand tries to understand everything in a scientific, informative, and intellectual way, and on the other hand needs intuition to reach – through art -- the reality, which cannot be reached by intellect.  
     Jesus spoke through parables.  Church talks to us through parables. 
     Such concept as “Son of God”, “begotten, not made”, -- is a parable. 
     Also such words of Jesus - when He handed them Bread during the Last Supper - “Take it and eat it, this is my flesh” - “Take it and drink it, this is my Blood” - when He handed them the Cup, constitute a parable. 
     Every person, on one hand has to strive for precision of scientific, literal, logical, concrete thinking and on the other hand - for sensitivity of an artist so that he or she can listen to the music, read poetry, literature, admire paintings, arrange his or her apartment to make it pretty.
     It is possible to be a religious person if one is sensitive not only to literality of our speech but also sensitive to the poetics of speech of the great artists, prophets of the Bible.