strona do druku

October 25, 2009

So I could see

     Political life in our country is reminiscent of a lunatic asylum.  And it is in our interest not to let ourselves go crazy.
     We are not allowed to say “I don’t care, let them rip each other’s heads off.”  We belong to this nation; we are in this country, for whose freedom we have fought.
     So whom should we believe?  Which magazines should we trust?  Which newspaper to read?  Which channel on TV to watch?  Which radio station to listen to?  Is there anyone whom we can trust anymore?  In our political life one roguery follows another, one scandal follows another, one thievery follows another…It seems that corruption has devoured everyone and everything.  And what about us – are we like fans at the soccer game?  All we can do is shout and clap.
     One has to learn how to live in this mess.  Pick wisely in these murky waters; find people who don’t lie, who possess right judgment of the reality.  One has to have good interlocutors, people with the good head on their shoulders, honest, thinking, critical, and objective; such authors, publicists, and politicians.
     And if you cannot find anyone like this, if you’ve become disappointed with yet another figure of authority, make it your habit to stop – at least for a while - reading newspapers, make sure to turn off the TV and radio and attempt to find yourself in this tumult, din, and brawls, and to form your personal opinion, your personal position and your own perspective.
     Church should be of help – as a meeting place, and Eucharist can help - in building of community.  So that you could restore you balance, so that you would not let others lie to you; and not only about religious issues, but also political ones.  It is not a luxury reserved for the few chosen ones – it is everyone’s duty.