strona do druku

December 27, 2009

His Parents

     Full airplanes, full trains, full highways – almost madness.  To be able to make it.  To see family for Christmas.  To be able to make it.  To share Christmas wafer at the Christmas Eve table.  To share it with mother – you look so beautiful, you got to look younger within this past year.  Smile for me.  Dad, you've gained in strength so much.  Where did all this gray hair come from?  You don’t have worries.  You don’t have problems with me, thankfully.  And there are tears in the eyes and there's sobbing and hugging.
     For this one moment alone it was worth it to fly over hundreds or thousands of miles, cross the entire Poland by train, drive in a car in a bad traffic.  For this one moment.
     And there are also brothers and sisters, grandma and grandpa – all at the same Christmas Eve table.  There’s also one empty chair – for the one who has not made it, who has not come even though he tried and now calls on the phone to apologize, to explain.
     And if mother or father are missing at the table, then there’s one more place for us to visit the same or the following day – cemetery.  To stand at the grave, light up a candle or a lantern, place flowers and to say:  "I am here.  I have come here to give you my regards, father, mother, brother, sister, or friend.”