strona do druku

February 16, 2010

You still do not understand?

     We are praying today for late Professor Maria Pautsch, who passed away two years ago.  Top-class biologist.  She devoted her entire life to scientific research.  And at the same time she was a person of a great personal culture.  While full of respect for others, she evoked a great respect for herself.  Underestimated.  She did not push with her elbows to achieve positions and titles, or to be placed on some high pedestal.  She worked with perfection, being an example for people in her small circle.
     We treasure and we will treasure memories of her in our hearts. 
     We ask God to accept her for all the great work which she performed here on earth.  Let’s pray for her colleagues, who passed away like she did – forgotten.  And for her living colleagues – so they could work like she worked.