strona do druku

May 30, 2010
Solemnity of the Holy Trinity

Spirit of truth

     Whoever is looking for You, has already found You
     Whoever needs You, already has You.
     Whoever longs for Your haven – is in heaven.
     Whoever hungers for Him - eats Your bread
     My eyes don’t see You
     My ears don’t hear You
     Yet you are the Light in my darkness.
     Yet you are the Singing in my soul.
                                               (Leopold Staff)

     God is in Cosmos.  God is in the galaxies, in stars, in suns, in planets, in motion.  God is in the silence of the mountains, in the whistling of the wind, in the whisper of the rain, in the green color of the meadows, in the colors of the flowers.  In fauna and flora of this Earth.  In wisdom of the wise men, in the mystery of the pyramids, in the sanctity of the saints, in the simplicity of the children.  He is in music and in poetry.  In mysticism of the prophets and the saints.

     But we have to make effort to look for Him —even though He is at the arm’s length.  But we have make effort to hear Him - even thought he talks to us all the time, everyday – in the voice of our conscience.  But we have to make effort to feel Him, for He is present in our lives at every moment.
     For the world is His word, His expression.  Not only the world is, but each of us is as well.  For He loves this world which He’s created out of love.  He loves each of us for He has created us out of love. 
     And thus merge and close the three Realities, which are in fact the only Reality: God the Father, Son, and the Holly Spirit.