strona do druku

September 25, 2010

They did not understand

     We are following a very narrow path of normalcy.  Mysterious precipices are lurking on both sides of it.  Let’s not attempt to stray off our path, even though we are attracted by the colors, by music, by some strange people who entice us.  Let’s not get tempted by promises that it’s only for a while, that’s only to try it out, that later on we will be able to return to our path and continue on – for we will never be back; for we will be sucked into that environment by slogans of freedom, independence, fullness of life, and originality.  And all of it is just a delusion.  We will not break away from drugs into which we have been induced for fun; we won’t break away from alcohol, from thievery, lies, and cheating.  Sooner than we would ever expect we are going to be so dependent on drugs that we are not going to be able to live without them.  And we will perish, unless, we have enough of self preservation instinct to undertake a battle to save ourselves.  Sometimes it works - but only sometimes.  The only thing is that instead of engaging in some creative work we will have to invest all of our efforts into the battle with our drug addiction.