strona do druku

January 9, 2011
Sunday of the baptism of the Lord

     Jesus was aware from the very beginning, that he was a Son of God.  But that’s too much to be said.  He intuitively felt, or presumed.  One could say: Jesus had been growing up to reach that awareness that He was a Son of God, and that God was his Father, throughout his entire life.
     It is like that with us.  We grow up throughout our entire lives to understand such experiences, that we are God’s children, that Jesus is our Brother.
     But this doesn’t refer only to the notion of a Christian; but also to such ideas as God's love, love of a neighbor, love of the enemies, disinterestedness of any love, forgiveness, prayer, God's presence, absolution.  With passing years they acquire new depth;  Eucharist is not only raising up of the sacramental Jesus hidden in the form of Bread and Wine, but participation in His life, which is present in the texts of the Gospel read during the first part of the holy Mass.
     Each one of us should walk that road, although each person should do it in his or her own way, based on different premises, different thoughts, different authorities, and different parables.  In any case, we cannot stop at the level of theology from the times of preparing for the First Communion.  We have to keep rebuilding our theology according to our intellectual development which happens in various areas of our worldview.  We should be constantly growing up to the notion of being a Christian, to love of another human being, every human being.  We have to struggle with ourselves to fulfill that, despite all opposition that builds within us.