Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

February 23rd, 2003
7th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"Your sins are forgiven"

   We are surprised, just like Pharisees, by this unexpected statement of Jesus directed to the paralytic: "your sins are forgiven."  They brought him so he could be healed, and Jesus talks about something different.  What more -- the new matter appears, for can Jesus forgive sins? - Pharisees ask themselves - only God can accomplish that.
   However, can God forgive the sins if a person does not repent?  Isn't God helpless in the face of human ill will?  It is really up to us, we decide about our own salvation.  Certainly, God sends us good inspirations and brings all possible help, serves arguments, so that we can start the process of returning to the sainthood.  But God does not cross that fine demarcation line, which is called violence - breaking of human free will.
   There is, in that scene, one significant statement that sheds the light on the understanding of that event  "when Jesus saw their faith."  Undoubtedly that pronoun "their" does not refer to the porters only, but first of all it refers to the paralytic.  We are guessing - reasonably - that he was the organizer of the action that takes place in front of our eyes.  He demanded to be carried to Jesus, because He would heal him.  But he realized that Jesus was not just a regular physician, but also a God's man, that He heals only those who turn towards God.

* * *

   You have to reform all by yourself.  It will be done with God's help; however, you have do it all by yourself.  Turn away from evil, stupidity, hatred, jealousy, animosity, anger, and selfishness.  Return to kindness, light, beauty, and love.
The confessional, the sign of the cross, the words of absolution will not substitute for you.  In fact the confessor does not absolve, does not forgive the sins.  He only helps the penitent in doing it - in mending his ways.
   Even God is not going to do it for you.  He gave you free will and he will not take it away from you, not on any account.


   translation: Monika Darron