Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

April 13th, 2003
Palm Sunday

"What evil has He done?"

     You don't know everything yet.  You are not totally wise yet.  You are not quite a saint yet.  You haven't deciphered yourself yet, you haven't understood a man to the end, and you haven't comprehended God yet.  You still haven't interpreted Jesus Christ - why He died and why He was raised from the dead.  You do not have this human wisdom yet, the wisdom which you should achieve.  You do not love yet as much as you can afford. 
     You are still growing.  You are on the road - a long way behind you, and in front of you -- a long ribbon of road that vanishes somewhere at Golgotha. 
     There are, in front of you, broad areas of knowledge yet to be encompassed, new wide horizons to be seen and -- over you - wide heavens yet to be understood.  You must have time during your short life to consider and analyze it all and to come to conclusions - as fast as possible, with all your heart, with all your thoughts -before your death comes.
     Go, climb the stairs of knowledge, sainthood and wisdom even if you don't manage to totally understand either yourself, or people or the world, or God, or Jesus Christ. Go, even if you don't become done and ready, like that finished house with polished doorknobs, and shiny windows, because you are just a passer-by, on the road all the time. 
     Even though you know that you won't reach that goal here on Earth, you constantly have to go towards resurrection.  You have to feel the longing and desire of wisdom, holiness and love in order to achieve it. 


     translation: Monika Darron