Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

June 1st, 2003
7th Sunday of Easter

"Keep them"

     Trust your child when he or she is good, obedient, diligent, loving, when he or she uses nice language, does not lie and does not take things out of the house.
     Trust your child.  Even if he or she lies, uses vulgar language, cheats and steals.  You must not feel offended with your child even if he or she remains unresponsive to all requests, explanations, and admonitions, even when he or she stays out of touch with you, when he or she acts maliciously, keeps silent or answers in a rude manner.  You must not give up on your child; you must not cross him or her out.  You must not tell yourself that you are not able to raise him or her to be an honest human being, that things must stay as they are.

* * *

     Trust your parents when they love you, take care of you, look after you, try to understand and to help you, when they listen eagerly, when they ask kindly, and discuss your problems as if you were an equal.
     Trust your parents.  Even if you don't have any contact with them, even if they lost interest in you, even if they stopped paying attention to you.  Tell them although they do not ask, relate although they are not curious, tell them how you live, what you think, how you act, what your plans are, what your intensions are.  Talk, narrate, even if they interrupt you, and tell you not to bother them, because they have important things to think about or to discuss.  Do not give up.
     Count on it that maybe their parental instinct, their responsibility for you will wake up within them, that they will get worried, get scared, surprised or that they will find joy in what you are saying.  And it will happen so, that they start to acknowledge you, and maybe even admire you, or maybe they become troubled with you.
     And you will retie the broken thread; you will rebuild the broken bridges.  You will love as you did before, and you will be loved as before.


     translation: Monika Darron