Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

February 29th, 2004
1st Sunday of Lent

"In the desert"

     Desert is abundant in God.  There are splendid sunrises and sad sunsets.  There's always lots of air.  And there is quiet.  There are silent rock-strewn mountains, and in the night - starry bowl of the sky. 
     Desert is abundant in God.  Torrential rains turn canyons into rivers.  Gales rage on, storms with lightning and thunder roll through the sky.
     You won't see Him right away, you won't hear Him at once, you won't feel Him immediately.  You have to be patient.  Wait, because it will happen.  And you will see Him - just like the rising sun, you will hear Him like a thunderclap crashing down from the sky and you will feel Him like a breeze cooling your burnt body; more and more vividly, more and more profoundly, more and more joyfully. 

          Fr. M.M.

     translation: Monika Darron