strona do druku

June 22, 2009

Don’t judge

     God wants you to be a true person, like Jesus was – loving, forgiving, wise, tolerant, and helpful; a true child of God – joyful, happy, falling back upon God;  truly holy – smiling and cheerful, optimistic, trusting in God, with love towards people, with patience and understanding for yourself. 
     What does God like about you the most?  What does he want you to get rid of?  What in your life, in your person, does He treasure the most?  What is the source of His love for you?  -- Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
     For God cares for you personally, individually.  He values your every good word, good deed, and victory over weakness, anger, selfishness, victory over your littleness, stupidity, and sinfulness.