strona do druku

July 27, 2008
17th Sunday of Ordinary Time

    “Heavenly Kingdom”

   Are you searching for the most beautiful pearl?
   “What kind of pearl are we talking about?”
   About kingdom of God.  Are you searching for the kingdom of God?
   “But what is the kingdom of God?”
   It is the kingdom of the Creator who loves you.
   “How am I supposed to look for this kingdom?”
   First come to the realization of what your present situation is.  You are running around like a mad dog.  You are being hounded from morning till evening.  They suspect you, gossip about you, cast aspersions on you.  And you thrash about, and you are afraid of people, and you are afraid to raise your voice, you are afraid to say what you are thinking – because they are going to oppress you, accuse you, ridicule you, suspect you and judge you. 
   “Enter the kingdom of God; kingdom where you are going to be free; where you are going to stop being afraid; where you will be respected.  For God who loves you, who created you, who understands you, sympathizes with you, who keeps you company, who stands by you and who takes care of you is your highest Judge.
   It is an up-hill road.  You can still hear the barking; the mad yapping.  You still turn around to look behind you – to check if they are not chasing you, if they are not pursuing you.  But this road leads you towards joy, towards trust, towards kindness.
   Treat every prayer and every Holy Mass this way– as an escape towards your freedom.

                                                                                                 Fr. M.M.