strona do druku

February 3, 2009

She has not died

     Anniversary of mother's death.  Her name was Halina
     This is the natural order of things: old people – or at least elderly people – die, young ones take their place.  But despite it, the grief is uncontrollable; especially when it comes to mother’s death.
     Mother is one’s closest person in the world.  Children receive most of affection, care, love, most of attention from their mother.  Her departure is a catastrophe, a tragedy and at least - infinite sorrow.  Although everybody knows that this is only temporary parting of the ways, that the time will come when one joins the departed, this realization cannot save a person from grief and sorrow.
     And that’s why it is proper that on the death anniversary the whole family gathers to pray in the intention of the deceased, asking God to grant her eternal happiness.