strona do druku

June 7, 2009

I am with you

     When you enter Wawel from the side of Podzamcze Street, there on the retaining wall on the left hand side you can see the bricks with names inscribed in them.  When I was little I asked my father what they meant.  I received an answer:  “These people contributed to renovation of Wawel.”  I asked naively:  “So now are they the co-owners of Wawel?”  Dad answered: “In a certain way they are.”  “If it’s only in a certain way, then I would not give a penny.”  Dad answered: “If everyone though the same way you do, Wawel would fall apart to pieces.”
     We are going to participate in elections – for the love of our land, for the love of Europe.  For we want to rebuild Poland and Europe.  For we want peace to reign in Poland and in Europe. 
     This pursuit of peace in Europe is old as the world itself.  Imperium Romanum created Pax Romana – Roman Peace in Europe in order to stop wars, murders, burning of homes, settlements, and towns.  And although the barbarians destroyed Imperium Romanum, they immediately thought of uniting Europe – to bring about peace.  Charles the Great is an example. 
     Afterwards history exposed our helplessness.  There were three emperors; Austrian, German and Russian who murdered each other during World War I.  Then there was the League of Nations – also impotent, for the World War II broke out. 
     Now we have European Community -- the most practical and organized creation protecting Europe against wars.  And we are the co-creators of this new order.  Whoever goes to vote in the elections is the co-creator “to a certain degree.”  But if someone said “if so, then I am not participating,” the Community would collapse.