strona do druku

June 6, 2010

I tell you: arise

     It was early in the morning and as usual I went to the beach in Dębki.  It is empty at that time of the day; as far as your eyes can see - to the left and to the right - not a living soul.  But this time there was a person.  He was kneeling in the sand, facing the sea.  I was surprised.  He was wearing a corduroy suit, beige one.  I did not recognize him.  Only when I approached from the side I realized: “Oh, it is Jerzy.”  Popiełuszko, a priest.  He’s arrived.  Just as Mr. and Mrs. Wende had said.  He took up residence with them. 
     Then we used to say Holy Mass at 7 PM.  Everyday.  Together, or sometimes he by himself, or I by myself.
     And in the evening we would go to have a cup of tea with friends.  Often to Mr. and Mrs. Wolski. 
     Martial law was still in place.  Discussions were going on and on, sometimes they included shouting.  He kept silent.  When someone addressed him, he answered quietly, briefly.  And then kept silent again.
     And I was thinking:  “How can it be that this shy, gentle, quiet man could with his sermons and with his Holy Mass for homeland enrapture masses of workers - from Ursus factory, but not only.”