strona do druku




„Beloved Son”


            We are facing a mystery called the Revelation of God.  With astonishment we realize that God reveals Himself to us on our personal life path.

            For the shepherds, the Jews, angels came to the pasture.  And they sang about the birth of Messiah. 

For the Three Wise Man, the astronomers, a star appeared; a star that announced the birth of the King.

            It is a mystery for us; how did they deduce that this star announced for them an Israeli king; how did they manage to read and interpret that event of a new Star?  How did it make them understand that they should follow it?

            But a separate mystery is that the event of birth of an Israeli king announced to them by a star agitated them so much.  How significant, how great that sign must have been for them that they decided to embark on a long journey to pay homage to that King.

            Because someone extraordinary was born!  What kind of a King that must have been.  What did that word mean?  This exceeds our imagination and understanding.

            They came - it was perhaps some room rented in a house - and they saw the Baby.  And they paid Him homage.

* * *

            There’s still a third person and the third revelation.  It’s Herod – the Jewish king.  He also receives the news about birth of a king: it was announced to him by three princes, who were his equals in status.

And, by the way, this is unheard of: three Magi, the pagans, come to Herod, a Jew, and tell him that a Jewish king was born.  But the Jews were to be the ones that were supposed to announce to the world that there was one God and that His Son was Messiah.


* * *

            To the crowds accepting baptism from John, God revealed Jesus through a symbol of a dove descending upon Him.  And right after that He would reveal Him to people as His Son through the miraculous healing of the blind, the leper, rising of Jairus’ daughter, multiplication of bread, calming of the storm, and bountiful catch of fish by Peter.


* * *


            To each and everyone God reveals Himself on his or her path; on his or her personal path.  Another person would not understand that particular sign, would not hear that singing, would not see that star, would not treat that catch of fish as anything extraordinary.  But the person to whom God has spoken is going to receive that signal precisely and accurately.  That person is going to grasp it and understand what God wants; and will set on his or her journey.  Or will not.


                                                           Ks. Mieczysław Maliński 
                                                        "PRZYSTANEK NIEDZIELA"
                                                   Rozważania na rok C